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S1E4: The End is Nigh

Welcome to our first Sci-Fi Anthology of stories. We have two of them for you today. The first is about an Android struggling to find his place in life with an ailing master. The second is about humanity on the run from the Machina that they created. I hope you enjoy both of them. 

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Last Stop

Dark Interval


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S1E3 Humanities Dark Side

Hey ARKitects! Welcome back for another week of stories. This week we are moving into our first horror/thriller anthology. We have two stories for you. The first is about a servant girl who has to attend to some surprising, and most unwelcome, guests.  Through her interactions she hears some plans that she probably shouldn't have. The second story is about a girl who wakes up in a strange environment. It is not the last place she remembers and because of that tries to escape. What she sees inside of her "prison" will change her life forever.


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Louiza Oukil



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