S1E5 The Powers of Danger

This week we have two new stories for you. The first is about a Druid who is following a friend through the labyrinth made completely of hedges. What happens when he finds her in the middle? Well you will have to listen and find out. The second is about a mysterious race of people hidden away in the forests of Northern England.  What mysterious powers do they possess? None that I want to encounter. 

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Credits for The Druid:


Robert Beckett



Voice Work:

Steven Pacey



Caleb Rudd


Jessie Lynn



Sound effects and Music:

Creative Commons Liscense from freesound.org. Music from incompetech.com by Kevin MacLeod.


Credits for Journal of a Witch:





Voice Work:

Jessie Lynn



Sound Effects and Music:

Creative Commons License from freesound.org. Ambiance from tabletopaudio.com