Series 5 Characters - Edge of the Empire with Chris, Emily and Michael

Edrick Farfaller

Player: Ryan Boelter

On his way to train with the younglings, Edrick was only 3 years old when Order 66 started. Thankfully he was rescued and raised by some surrogate droid parents. He's probably fine.

Close Approximation Action Figure:


Player: Amelia Antrim

D3-W1 was a droid at the library on Corescant. She holds a tremendous secret and is now raising a young human. It's difficult to tell whether people are after her or the force sensitive child.

Action Figure:

Captain 1124

Player: Chris

When his troops fell in battle and he was the only one remaining on the remote Separatist base, 1124 craved purpose. Once this group of droids showed up, he finally found it.

Action Figure:


Player: Emily

HK-31 was a cutting edge droid on the side of the Republic during the clone wars. Once the war was over, they were decommissioned. Now they rescued a gifted child. Can they keep him safe?

Action Figure:


Player: Michael

SP4R-XX was hired to discover more information about the surivors of the Jedi temple attacks, and to figure out what secret his mark holds. But it seems like he's grown a soft spot for this crew.

Action Figure:

The Firespray

Player: Everyone

The Firespray was taken by HK-31 when they liberated Edrick and D3-W1. To hide, the crew hired a slicer droid, SP4R-XX to find a hideout. There, they found Captain 1124. Now they are all part of a family.

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