Series 4.1 Characters - L5R 4th Edition with Tanner Clausen

Bayushi Sakura

Player: Amelia Antrim

Don't let her good looks fool you, she knows just how to manipulate you and strike when you least expect it. Her methods are quite unorthodox and questionable, but always effective.

Dice Pairing:

Chessex Gemini Black and Red w/Gold:

  • In the rich, dark, bold colors of the scorpion clan

Ide Michiru

Player: Ryan Boelter

Chosen by the Kami, she only wishes to be with the one she loves, one that she is not married to, and for that she curses the man her parents set her up with. Can her love for Haruka endure?

Dice Pairing:

Chessex Gemini Blue and Teal w/Gold:

  • Representing the water affinity and her magical roots

Mirumoto Shingen

Player: Tanner Clausen

Brash in his youth, he was nearly mortally injured in battle, and now wishes to avoid it at all costs. He just craves new knowledge to better himself, but can he find it in peace?

Dice Pairing:

Chessex Opaque Dusty Green with Copper:

  • Green and Gold in the colors of the dragon