Series 2 Characters - MASKS with Brandon, James and Elsbeth


Player: Amelia Antrim

Phoenix, an intellectual Doomed. Can she rise from the ashes and conquer her nemesis before her powers snuff out her light for good?

Dice Pairings:
Chessex Scarab Scarlet w/Gold:

  • A representation of the fire burning inside her


Player: Ryan Boelter

Mishra, a cheerful Outsider. A feline alien, she crashed on this planet after her ship was destroyed for reasons unknown. She misses her family, but a group of heroes took her in and she has a secret crush. Now she wants to stay.

Dice Pairing:
Chessex Gemini Black and Blue w/Gold:

  • Swirling vortex of blue and black as a reminder of space, gold like her eyes


Player: Brandon Leon-Gambetta

Calavera, a guarded Janus. She is quite the trouble for the evil doers on the streets, with her bone generation abilities, but he does whatever it takes to keep her life apart from his own when he takes off the mask.

Dice Pairing:
Chessex Gemini Purple and Teal w/Gold:

  • Bright colors to match the flashy costume, and a mix of teal and purple to represent the male and female sides


Player: James Malloy

Whip, a heroic Transformed. Who needs a car when you are one? The ultimate getaway companion, he can transform from his humanoid car form into a full sized car that his team can ride in when trying to save the day.

Dice Pairing:
Chessex Opaque Red w/White:

  • Cool and classic, just like a Ford Mustang

The Idealist

Player: Elsbeth Denman

The Idealist, a troublemaking Delinquent. She doesn't have to explain herself to anyone! She does what she wants when she wants and no one can tell her otherwise. Maybe her new friends can crack this hard exterior, though!

Dice Pairing:
Chessex Frosted clear w/Black:

  • Clear to represent the negation of the power around her, but frosted to show that you don’t know everything about her