Series 1 Characters - Dungeons and Dragons with Neal Powell and Tallsquall

Jaren Feldspar

Player: Ryan Boelter

Jaren Feldspar, a Neutral Good Human Monk. He enjoys the good life a little too much, but it all comes with a desire to do good in the world. What better way to do good than more power and then use that power to snuff out evil?

Dice Pairing:
Easy Roller Ancient Earth:

  • Worn and unassuming, but still effective

Tess Greenleaf

Player: Amelia Antrim

Tess Greenleaf, a Chaotic Neutral Half Elf Bard. You don't want to be on the buying end of her shenanigans as she only has one person's interest in mind, her own. Lucky for her, her best customer is her ticket out of trouble.

Dice Pairing:

Chessex Phantom Teal with Gold:

  • Swirling colors to represent her “potions” and gold for her desire for wealth

Tazgrax Hammerfall

Player: Neal Powell

Tazgrax Hammerfall, a Chaotic Good Dwarf Cleric. Well past his prime, he set aside his metalworking to finally take up the calling to become an adventurer. With his nephew in tow, he'll have even more incentive to stay alive.

Dice Pairing:
Hestya Red Copper Metal:

  • Rich metals to represent the dwarven ancestry and his life experience

Valgin Hammerfall

Player: Tallsquall

Valgin Hammerfall, a Chaotic Good Dwarf Fighter. Eager for adventure, and young for a dwarf, he follows his great, great, great, great uncle into the field to learn all he can about fighting and bettering his combat prowess.

Dice Pairing:
Easy Roller Oracle:

  • Earth and metal, but not opulent since he is still quite young and inexperienced