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About Character Creation Cast

Character Creation Cast is a discussion and interview podcast where hosts Amelia Antrim and Ryan Boelter invite guests on to discuss different RPGs and then create groups of characters with the guests for those systems. It's like a new session zero every series with new guests and a new system. This is done in a family friendly setting so that people of all ages can enjoy each episode.

Released between each series are special Character Evolution Cast episodes. These episodes dive deep into topics related to bringing your characters to the table and creating the best play experience possible. If the normal Character Creation Cast series are the 100 level courses, think of Character Evolution Cast as the 200/300 level courses for making and playing great characters.

Part of the mission for Character Creation Cast is a focus on inclusivity. From the guests invited onto the show to the characters created, representation and inclusivity are at forefront of the hosts’ minds, making sure that as many different views and experiences are represented as possible. It is important for people of all ages, races, genders, orientations and abilities to be able to see themselves in the characters and as valued members of the community as a whole.

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Download/Subscribe: The show can be listened to directly from the website, as well as subscribed and listened to on most podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and others. Episodes may also be released on YouTube.

Schedule: New episodes are released every Monday at 5:00 AM (American Central Time, UTC -5/6 depending on Daylight Savings)

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Cast and crew

Character Creation Cast was co-created by Ryan Boelter and Amelia Antrim.

Our editors are Ryan Boelter and Amelia Antrim.

Character Creation Cast is recorded over the internet via Google Hangouts with locally recorded audio for each participant when able.



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The Creators

Character Creation Cast was first conceptualized by Ryan Boelter, one of the co-hosts on the podcast. He fielded the idea to his friends on a Twitter message group consisting of many different podcasters in the RPG community and got a resoundingly positive response to the idea.

Ryan knew he needed a co-host and decided to ask the most enthusiastic person in the group if they would be interested. This person was Amelia Antrim. After she agreed to do the podcast together with Ryan, they both got busy figuring out the format, doing test runs and refining the format before finally recording actual episodes with guests.

Ryan lives in Appleton, Wisconsin and is married to his wife Ashley. They have two children together, a boy and a girl, and two cats.

Amelia lives in Germantown, Wisconsin and lives with her two children, a boy and a girl as well.

After releasing their first three series, James D'Amato from the One Shot Podcast Network became very interested in picking up the podcast for his network. This was unbeknownst to Amelia and Ryan when Amelia decided to reach out to James to record the first Character Evolution Cast episode about using voices to increase your immersion at the table. James responded with an enthusiastic yes to the interview as well as the offer. Amelia and Ryan traveled to Chicago together, meeting in person for the first time, and recorded that episode with James in person at the One Shot Network studio, and signed onto the network officially.


Here is our Episode Zero further discussing what this podcast is about:

What people are saying about the Character Creation Cast...

"Amelia and Ryan are right - character creation really is the best part of an RPG! And they're a delightful duo to lead their guests through creating characters in a variety of different systems. They go step by step through the process, relying on their guests (either game designers or fellow podcasters) to lead the way as experts. Lots of fun!"
- Angela Craft, Member of the Fandible Podcast

"Character Creation Cast is a delightful exploration of the art, lore, and love that is poured into how we create our characters in various RPG games. Basically, it's like listening to a wonderfully GM'd session zero for each game, which makes this a show GMs will want to listen to on how to run your character creation sessions, but also a show players will want to listen to for what sorts of things to think about when building their characters!

...I can't wait to see how the games I do know differ from those that I don't know, and how I might change how I create my character stories, backgrounds, and themes the more I listen to this show. I also think it will be really neat to see how Amelia and Ryan's characters, and style of building them, changes from game to game. We'll get the unique perspective of getting to know them better via their creations, which is the perfect way to get invested in their show. Subscribed and excited for more!"
- Tess from and host of the I Am Hear podcast

"I thought Character Creation Cast was going to be a fun jaunt into creating interesting characters, but they deliver so much more: insight into player & GM game-play approaches, discussions on game development theory, RPG history, comparative system breakdowns, free PDFs for every created character, and even dice-to-PC pairings! And yes, I also got a fun jaunt into creating characters. @CreationCast is amazing."
- Rich Howard, Co-host on Whelmed: The Young Justice Files and co-creator of the Descent Into Midnight RPG

"I love character creation. It's one of my favorite parts. But CCC is more than that. By looping in long-time players (and even creators!) of a certain system, they bring insight into how the game is designed and structured, and how they enable certain choices or decision making. For anyone, and foremost those looking at what character creation for a certain system might entail, how it connects to the wider system, or wondering how their favorite AP characters are put together, this is a great cast."
- Greyson, Founder of the Transgender Language Primer, cast member of the Heroes Not Included podcast.

"It's what it says on the tin, and more: a podcast where the hosts get together with folks who are passionate about a particular role-playing game system and create characters in it, but also a look into what the process says about the games as well. If you're looking for discussions about a broad variety of games, analysis of what makes them unique and how the process of creating your character informs the expectations those games have for play, or just a conversation with people who really love the games they've come to talk about, you'll find it here. The audio is good quality, the editing is solid, the guests are great, and each series comes with extras linked in the show notes. It's good stuff top to bottom."
- Richard KL, co-developer of Descent Into Midnight


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