Series 2.3 - MASKS with Brandon, James and Elsbeth

On today’s episode we sit down with some of the Protean City Comics crew, Brandon Leon-Gambetta, James Malloy and Elsbeth Denman, to discuss character creation as well as how the process went in MASKS: A New Generation, the Powered by the Apocalypse RPG created by Brendan Conway!



00:00:34 - Introductions

00:07:47 - D20 For Your Thoughts?

00:07:58 - How do you approach character creation?

00:19:53 - How does MASKS compare to other systems for character creation?

00:28:49 - How does this process set up expectations of play?

00:44:58 - How do the mechanics of the game lead to character immersion?

00:55:02 - What sort of tone will our game have with this group?

01:06:14 - Take It Up A Level!

01:20:05 - Episode Closer

01:23:43 - Outtakes


Guests and Projects:

Brandon Leon-Gambetta: @DrCaptainKobold


James Malloy: @AndTheMeltdowns


Elsbeth Denman: @TheCatOnTheWall


Game systems discussed in this episode:

MASKS: A New Generation by Magpie Games

PDF: MASKS: A New Generation on DriveThruRPG:


Heroes Unlimited by Palladium Books

Soft Cover: Heroes Unlimited Second Edition:


Character Inspired Dice Sets:


      • Chessex Gemini Black and Blue w/Gold:

        • Swirling vortex of blue and black as a reminder of space, gold like her eyes



      • Chessex Gemini Purple and Teal w/Gold:

        • Bright colors to match the flashy costume, and a mix of teal and purple to represent the male and female sides



      • Chessex Frosted clear w/Black:

        • Clear to represent the negation of the power around her, but frosted to show that you don’t know everything about her



Clip 1: Action Epic by Komiku

Clip 2: Stop, Hack and Roll opening theme

Clip 3: Night Owl by Broke For Free

Clip 4: Protean City Comics opening theme

Main Theme: Hero (Remix) by Steve Combs


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