Series 1.3 - D&D with Neal and Tallsquall (Discussion)

On today’s episode we discuss table manners as well as character creation for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, a game created by Wizards of the Coast. We are joined by Neal Powell from the Dungeon Master’s Block podcast and Tallsquall from Encounter Roleplay.



00:00:35 - Introductions

00:04:23 - D20 For Your Thoughts?

00:04:54 - How do you approach character creation?

00:18:04 - How does D&D compare to other systems for character creation?

00:24:19 - How do the mechanics of the game lead to character immersion?

00:32:56 - How is our group’s cohesion?

00:35:17 - Character Development and Customizing Skills

00:50:10 - Take It Up A Level!

01:00:28 - Episode Closer

01:03:46 - Outtakes


Guests and Projects:

Neal Powell: @joatmoniac


Tallsquall: @tallsquall


Game System used in this episode:

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition by Wizards of the Coast.

Player's Handbook 5th Edition (Dungeons & Dragons):

Dungeon Master's Guide (D&D Core Rulebook):

Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (Dungeons & Dragons):


Character Inspired Dice Sets


      • Chessex Phantom Teal with Gold:

        • Swirling colors to represent her “potions” and gold for her desire for wealth



      • Easy Roller Oracle:

        • Earth and metal, but not opulent since he is still quite young and inexperienced


      • Hestya Red Copper Metal:

        • Rich metals to represent the dwarven ancestry and his life experience



Clip 1: Cambodean Odessy by Kevin MacLeod

Clip 2: DMNastics opening theme

Clip 3: BMX Hero by Pierlo

Clip 4: Turncloaks opening theme

Main Theme: Hero (Remix) by Steve Combs


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