About Us

Ryan Boelter

Ryan started playing RPGs in middle school, way back in 1993. A friend approached him on the playground one day saying that he found an ad in the school newspaper that was looking for people to join up and play Role Playing Games together. They initially thought it would be like Final Fantasy. Once they got there, and it was just a bunch of books, they were confused, but also intrigued. Ryan quickly found that it lit his imagination on fire and he was hooked. He took a break after college when friends moved away, but after discovering the joy of one shots, podcasts, and online play, he has jumped in with both feet. Ryan is currently working on designing a new role-playing system named Chimera, a Powered by the Apocalypse RPG where you can mix multiple genres to create one unique world.

In addition to co-hosting Character Creation Cast, Ryan is also assisting with the recording of Geek Wars Season 2, a geek trivia show on the Block Party Podcast Network, and is the webmaster for both blockpartypodcastnetwork.com and for the Whelmed: The Young Justice Files podcast, which can be found at crashingthemode.com.

Amelia Antrim

Amelia was introduced to RPGs in high school (around 2005) when her friends played a game of d20 modern. She enjoyed it, but the hobby didn’t really stick. After stepping away from gaming during college and the few years after, she picked it up again after listening to a few actual play podcasts and remembering how much she loved it. Since then, she has made it her mission to try out a variety of systems and play styles, and to explore the interactions between mechanics, setting, characters, and narrative. She is passionate about creating memorable characters and using RPGs to tell great stories. When she isn’t playing or talking about RPGs, Amelia is probably busy being a nerd about something else, like political science or Star Wars.

In addition to co-hosting Character Creation Cast, Amelia can also be heard on Shadow of the Cabal, a Legend of the Five Rings actual play podcast on the RPG Academy Network.